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Throughout time, the Soldat community has been an inseparable part of the game. Even though video-gaming culture is huge now, it's quite nontrivial that a small indie game, that was initially developed by one man for a good portion of time - gained such popularity back in the early 2000's.

Players were always involved in many aspects of creating sub-communities, tools, new content, media, streams & scripts. Some members of the community even became also part of the beta, weapons and developers teams, for the sake of improving the game constantly.

Soldat couldn't have gotten this successful without each one of the above mentioned soldiers.


Discord's Logo

For many years the community has been using IRC (Internat Relay Chat) as their main platform to play chat and play gathers. Discord came along with a modern and slick layout, perfect for gaming communities of all sorts, and soldat has now migrated completely.

Soldat's Official Discord Server was initially created by manofoneway on 9th October 2016, nosejj joined the early efforts a week later. Within less than a year dozens of users turned into hundreds. Eventually, Soldat gather services and admins were ready to migrate. XvayS (SyavX) started working on a gather bot from scratch. And when gathers started, oldies started reappearing, as well as some new souls!

Unlike in the past when many communities were torn between private servers and forums, Soldat Discord aspires to create a communal hub, in which Soldat players of all sorts can be gathered to play, discuss and enjoy content related to Soldat. The goal of the Discord server is to create an active, united, vibrant and revitalized Soldat community. As well as provide quality services such as gather and servers rental. As of April 2020, the official discord has over 5500 members.

You can be a part of and enjoy with the following link: Soldat Discord Invite Link


mIRC Logo

Clans, gathers, services, communities & developers have all gathered in IRC (Internet Relay Chat). It was used from the early stages of Soldat (as in not too late after it's release).

The first gathers appeared around 2005-2006 in IRC in #Soldat.Gather by TomPenny & Suomip. Later on, many variations of gathers were created.

Due to its old-fashioned style and lack of features compared to other more modern chat clients, IRC has been mostly abandoned.

Sub Gamemodes

Here's a short list of sub game modes created by the Soldat community:

Community Leagues

  • SCTFL - Soldat CTF League
  • SCTFC - Soldat Capture The Flag Cup
  • ASCTFL - Australian Soldat CTF League
  • SRL - Soldat Realistic League
  • SWC - Soldat World Cup
  • SRWC - Soldat Realistic World Cup
  • SVL - Soldat 1v1 League
  • TNL - The Next League
  • ESL - Soldat Ladder
  • LoF - League of Friends
  • TPC - The Pwnage Cup
  • SaD Tournament
  • OXiD L33t Cup

Sub Communities

  • Selfkill
  • Hexer
  • CS Soldat Center
  • Realistic United
  • Soldat Eat-This!
  • Fracs
  • Climbing Soldiers