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Domination or Double Domination (often abbreviated: DOM or DD) is a custom sub game mode in which there are two teams: Alpha & Bravo. It's inspired from the classic Unreal Tournament domination game mode, and was coded by DrThrax. Gizd rescripted it later on.

Each Domination map consists of 2 crucial spots, marked with the letters A and B. The goal of each team is to score the most caps.

In order to score points, players must simply touch the polygon below the indicated spot once. After 10 seconds of holding that spot, an area will be dominated by the team (counter will indicate). Recapturing the spot from the enemies stop the timer.

Capturing a point works similar to Capture the Flag, if an alive opponent is actually standing on the polygon, player cannot take possession of it.

Teams of four players are the most suitable for an ideal Domination game. Traditionally friendly fire is enabled and some of the power ups (Vest, Zerk, Cluster and Pred) with a Frequency of 1.

Important Terms

  • Capture Limit - How many flag captures (often abbreviated: caps) are required for a team to win the round (a map).
  • Time limit - In case the Capture Limit is not reached, the round will end upon the set Time Limit.
  • Re-spawn - players re-spawn after every death of their's (unless Survival mode is turned on).


  • Gain map experience: It's possible to test the maps offline in singleplayer mode, in order to explore map details and gain basic map knowledge.


In case the spots indicators (letters A and B) are not shown, make sure to turn on background scenery.

Instructions: Open config.exe in the Soldat directory. Click "Performance Tab" and enable "Render Background Scenery" (Further read: Game Settings).

Domination Map-pack

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

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