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Realistic Soldat/Counter Strike (often abbreviated: RS/CS) is a custom sub game mode. It is aimed to copy the defuse scenario and maps from the well known, top-selling Counter-Strike Franchise. There was even a script created to replicate the money system and the accessories from CS. Also, there's a great emphasis on using sound to extract information about the enemies' location.

In the script version of RS/CS

In RS/CS the server should be set to Realistic mode, Survival mode and friendly fire is enabled.

RS/CS Maps

It is truly spectacular to see that so many maps have been created by community members for this game mode:

ctf_cs_amazon, ctf_cs_assault, ctf_cs_deagle5, ctf_cs_estate, ctf_cs_italy, ctf_cs_militia, ctf_cs_office, ctf_cs_oilrig, ctf_cs_siege, ctf_de_aztec, ctf_de_aztec_, ctf_de_cbble, ctf_de_chateau, ctf_de_dust, ctf_de_nuke, ctf_de_piranesi, ctf_de_train, ctf_cs_amazon2, ctf_cs_assault, ctf_cs_breed2, ctf_cs_bridge, ctf_cs_compound, ctf_cs_container, ctf_cs_deagle5, ctf_cs_estate, ctf_cs_havana, ctf_cs_italy, ctf_cs_militia, ctf_cs_office, ctf_cs_oilrig, ctf_de_2base, ctf_de_aztec, ctf_de_aztec1.5, ctf_de_cbble, ctf_de_celtic, ctf_de_chateau, ctf_de_cottage, ctf_de_dust, ctf_de_dust2, ctf_de_inferno, ctf_de_nuke, ctf_de_piranesi, ctf_de_port2, ctf_de_rats, ctf_de_train, ctf_hbm_anl, ctf_hbm_devil, ctf_hbm_ship, ctf_hbm_vineyard, ctf_rs_v2, ctf_zabi_s_r, ctf_zabi_store, ctf_de_Aztec, ctf_de_nuke, ctf_cs_Havana, ctf_cs_submarine, ctf_cs_container, ctf_de_church, ctf_de_office2, ctf_de_Arizona, ctf_de_celtic, ctf_cs_cinema


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