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This page lists all known third-party tools and applications made by the Soldat community. The list was originally taken from this forum thread (now outdated).

Green items are fully compatible with latest Soldat versions
Yellow items have limited compatibility with latest Soldat versions or modern systems
Red items do not work with latest Soldat versions or modern systems
Grey items have not been compatibility-tested

Server Tools

Tools for using with Soldat dedicated servers

Title Author Link
Fileserver Replacement in Python and C++ m!nus Download
Advanced Remote Soldat Server Enchanter v1.2.9.69 dev KeFear, Shoozza Download
Advanced Remote Soldat Server Enchanter v1.2.7 (build 14) KeFear, Shoozza Download
Baka Admin VirtualTT Download (see attachments)
LogEye SyavX Download (see attachments)
Lin (Server Linux admin) mar77a Download
Soldat server manager for Linux Zakath Download
SARJ Server Administration Tool rusty Download
Soldat Admin Java Applet iDante Download
Source code
Soldat Server Commander mar77a Download
Ultimate 13 Soldat Stats Scripts (U13SSS) FliesLikeABrick Download
Sneaker mar77a Download
Zitro-Stats oLaf Download
Multi Gatherbot version 1.31 Zakath Download
SRB (Soldatserver Restart Bashscript) Shoozza Download
SARS (Soldat Server Auto Restart Script) Shoozza Download
Soldat Server List Getter Deadman[SUI Download
Remote Installer and manager for Linux whitehat Download
ARSSE IP Tracker iFrag Download
KingAdmin Server Tool kingbob Download
Multiple Server Admin Tool dabookshah Download
[SSBot Soldat Server Bot] EnEsCe Download
Sx4 - Server Stats Scripts mar77a Download
SoldatStatus PureGrain - unavailable -
Soldatserver Auto Restarter Crash-Anti Sharp Module (SARCASM) data_smith (posted by danmer) - unavailable -
Source Code (C#)
SoldStat - A Windows-based statistics solution Sebra - unavailable -

Mapping Tools

Tools for creating and editing Soldat maps

Title Author Link
Soldat PolyWorks v1.5+ Anna ; updated by Fryer, Shoozza Download
Soldat PolyWorks v1.4 Anna Download
openMapper Elephant Hunter Download
MapMaker Plus Download
Map Deployment Wizard EnEsCe + ChrisGBK Download
Normal Flipper v1.0.0 - a tool to make one-way-through polys VirtualTT Download
MapSplorer Jeyrad Download
Sava (SVGtoPMS) Aquarius Download
SMDownload (Soldat Map Downloader) EnEsCe Download
Soldat Map Packer rainrider Download
Soldat Texture Splitter rainrider Download
Soldat Maps/Prefabs Archiver v2.0.6 VirtualTT Download
toGif iDante Download
VTT's Auto gif VirtualTT Download
laygen rainrider - unavailable -
Soldat maze generator rainrider - unavailable -

Modding Tools

Everything that aids in the creation of Soldat Mods

Title Author Link
Gostek Viewer v1.0 Anna Download
Mod Launcher With Preview Serial K!ller Download
Gostek Edit v0.2b FoZ Download ZIP
Download RAR
Soldat Mod Config Lord Ivanh Download
Soldat Mod Mixer edak Download
Soldier Preview BManx2000 Download
Mod Swapper Stealth870 - unavailable -
Soldat Gostek Editor Pixofied - unavailable - (requires .NET v2.0)
Soldat Mod Manager mar77a - unavailable -
Soldat Mod Part Changer BlackStar - unavailable -

Interface Editors

Tools for creating custom in-game interfaces

Title Author Link
Advanced Soldat Interface Maker SyavX Download
Soldat Interface Maker Michal Marcinowski Download

File Editors

Tools for editing various types of Soldat's files.

Title Author Link
Taunt Editors
Soldat Taunt Manager David2204 Download
Selfkill TauntEdit v2 Selfkill Download
Taunt Maker DePhille Use Online
Teqtaunt MR X Download
UniTaunt DePhille Download
Title Author Link
Bot Editors
Soldat Bot Creator/Editor DeMo Download
Soldat Bot Maker P.Eter Download
Soldat BOT Creator bateczko - unavailable -
Title Author Link
Setting Editors
Soldat INI Maker DePhille Use Online
Soldat Ini Maker (SINIM) grand_diablo - unavailable -
Title Author Link
Weapon Editors
Weapon Editor Karaffka Download
Weapon Mod Editor Sc Troopera Download
Weapon Modder Pixofied Download
PHP Weapon Editor EnEsCe - unavailable -
PHP Weapon Editor Garciat - unavailable -
Weapon INI Maker Kingbob .NET version unavailable
 VB6 version Download
Title Author Link
Other Editors
SSCC: Soldat Skin Colour Changer STM1993 Download
POA Editor szevvy Download
SPG (Soldat Playlist Generator) FoZ Download ZIP
Download RAR

Demo Playback

Demo players and other programs related to demo playback

Title Author Link
Soldat Demo Player (SDP) Kekezam Download ; Mirror
Esdee v2 mar77a Download
Esdee mar77a Download
Mr's Soldat Demo Player Mr Download
Diamond Demo Player Pr0ger Download
TeqDemo MR X Download
Simple Demo bja888 Download ; Mirror ; (Requires .NET v1.1)
Soldat Demo Fixer Fryer Download

Player Statistics

Applications for keeping track of your and your clan's skill and performance.

Title Author Link
ClanWar Tracker grand_diablo Download
ySoldatStat yv3 Download
Soldat Statistics v1.2 Pr0ger Download
CMRC Rape Is Funny Download
SolStats Skeptik (aka FoZ) - unavailable -
Clan Stat Tracker Kirby - unavailable -
Soldat Log Voyager DePhille - unavailable -

IRC Scripts

Scripts and programs for IRC clients

Title Author Link
mIRC Soldat Script ender- Download
mIRC Server Shortcuts Derf- Download
mIRC Soldat Clicker ramirez Download
mIRC Soldat Manager Anarion Download
mIRC Soldat Servers Script PetahPan - unavailable -
mIRC Clanwar Finder DeMonic and KeFear - unavailable -
mIRC Soldat Lobby RedNinja - unavailable -


Any applications that do not fit into the above catagories

Title Author Link
Soldat Screenshot Converter Toumaz Download
ScrCnv (automatic screenshot converter) SyavX Download
Soldat Desktop 2.0 xmRipper Download
WTF Lobby DeViLeR Download
Soldat Screenshot Converter for 1.4. ramirez Download (requires .NET v2.0)
Match Reporter Denacke Download
Soldat Ultra Manager rainrider Download
SVC (Soldat Version Checker) EnEsCe Download
Soldat Manager Toumaz Download
Soldat Tray Control v1.1.0 VirtualTT Download
Shoozza Chatmod Shoozza Download
Soldat Ingame IRC Client Mr Download
Find Players DePhille Use Online (discontinued)
Soldat Lobby Widget for Opera Aquarius - unavailable -
bmp2png (Image file converter) ramirez - unavailable -
Convert all your screenshots to PNG/JPG b00stA - unavailable -
kEasyJoin KeYDoN - unavailable -
Soldat Friends Network (SFN) Ducksteina - unavailable -
Soldat Joiner pongo - unavailable -
SSQC (Soldat Server Quickjoin Client) kingbob - unavailable -
Soldat News Live Bookmark EnEsCe - unavailable -
SoldatBot Ben Barkay - unavailable -