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Tactical Trench Wars (often abbreviated: TTW) is a custom sub game mode. It is a sophisticated variation of TW (Trench Wars). The game mode is Capture the Flag and both Realistic mode and Friendly Fire mode are enabled.

The goal is for each team to attempt and make it as forward as possible to the enemy's base by conquering bunkers along the way.


In TTW every soldier has a distinct role in the team: General, Medic, Saboteur, Spy, Engineer, Elite (Sniper), Long Range Infantry, Short Range Infantry, Artillery & Radioman

Each role has a designated mission, it's own set of available weapons to pick from, and a set of related commands to the that specific mission.

The General

Weapons Available: Desert Eagles, AK-74, USSOCOM, Combat Knife

Mission: Conquer bunkers (/conquer). The team members will spawn at the bunker that was last conquered by the team general.

It is of vital importance that your team has a general! The General also has a meal ready to eat at his disposal that replenishes 50% health (/mre).

The Medic

Weapons Available: Steyr AUG, USSOCOM

Mission: Heal players (switch weapon key). Players can request assist from the medic by taunting "Medic!", and the medic will then be notified of your position.

The Medic automatically regenerates health when not moving. Medic can also spawn a medical kit every now and then (/kit).

The Saboteur

Weapons Available: Desert Eagles, Spas-12, Ruger-77, USSOCOM, Combat Knife, Chainsaw

Mission: Rig enemy's and friendly stationary guns (/rig). Satchel will explode after four seconds. The saboteur also has a meal ready to eat at his disposal that replenishes 50% health (/mre).

The Saboteur can disarm mines from a safe distance (/rig).

The Spy

Weapons Available: Combat Knife

Mission: Infiltrate beyond enemy lines and gather intelligence.

The spy can set 3 timed charges (/place time e.g. /place 3, and /activate to start the timers) and has one stealth pack available on command (/stealth) per re-spawn.

Spies from both team can detect presence of the enemy spy. The spy can also observe the enemy tasks when he is nearby (/obs). Spy's bomb rig stationary guns and chain-blow mines.

The Engineer

Weapons Available: Desert Eagles, HK MP5, USSOCOM

Mission: Build stationary guns for the team (/build) and move them forward as further bunkers are conquered (/get).

Note that when the enemy bombs or rigs a stationary gun you have to wait a specific period of time before you can build a new one.

The Engineer can also place mines when they are available (/mine).

The Elite Soldier

Weapons Available: Barrett M82A1, Combat Knife, USSOCOM

Mission: Provide sniper cover from afar.

Long Range Infantry (LRI)

Weapons Available: AK-74, Steyr AUG, Ruger-77]], FN Minimi, M72 LAW

Mission: Battle!

LRI can use long range weaponry and has a meal ready to eat at his disposal that replenishes 50% health (/mre).

Short Range Infantry (SRI)

Weapons Available: Desert Eagles, HK MP5, Spas-12, USSOCOM, Combat Knife, Chainsaw

Mission: Battle!

SRI can use short range weaponry and has a meal ready to eat at his disposal that replenishes 50% health (/mre).


Weapons Available: M79 (modified), M72 LAW

Mission: Strike Artillery over long ranges, in order to prevent the enemy from getting forward. Note that mortars can only be fired while in prone-mode and not moving.

When the heavy artillery cannon is ordered by the radioman, the artillery will be first in line to get it. The artillery can spawn grenade kits every now and then (/nade).

The Radioman

Weapons Available: AK-74, Steyr AUG, Ruger-77, FN Minimi, USSOCOM, Combat Knife, M72 LAW

Mission: The Radioman uses supply points (sp) the team generates. Each team generates sp every 14 seconds. With these points, the radioman can provide supplies

A team regenerates supply points. One supply points is gained every 14 seconds. From these points supplies can be chosen by the radioman (the cost is indicated between the brackets). Supplies are delivered in the bunker conquered last by the team. The radioman can also tap into enemy teamchat when the field battery is full (/tap). Lasts 40 seconds and recharges in 140 seconds.

Global Commands of TTW

Because there are many commands to TTW, it may seem intimidating to some at first, but don't worry about it, just hop on to a TTW server and you'll be fine.

The community is usually very friendly towards new players and show how the game mechanics work in a brief learning-by-doing way.

Here's a list of the most important commands:

/commands brings up a list of commands for your current task.

/list brings up a list of names of your team members and their respective tasks.

/free brings up a list of available tasks.

/apply brings up a list of possible tasks.

/quick quickly chooses a random task.

/left, /right, /top, /inside, /ivg, /clear enable you to warn your teammates about potential threats

/t, can be used to talk to your team mates without it appearing over your head in game. Just type /t text.

/cmmd1, /cmmd2, /cmmd3, and /cmmd4 perform different actions depending on the role set.

This should enable people to play all the tasks using only a single set of Taunts.

Commands for each role

General's Commands

/mre - restores 50% of full health (/cmmd1 works too)

/conq - conquers the bunker you're in (/cmmd2-4)

Medic's Commands

/kit - drops a medkit in front of medic (/cmmd1-4)

Saboteur's Commands

/mre - restores 50% of full health (/cmmd1)

/rig - destroys Stationary Guns and mines nearby (/cmmd3-4)

Spy's Commands

/stealth - activates predator mode, making you invisible (/cmmd1)

/obs - gives your team the name and task of an enemy nearby (/cmmd2)

/place # - plants a charge which will detonate in # seconds after activation (/cmmd3)

/place # # - plants two charges which can be set to detonate after each other (i.e. /place 3 4)

/place # # # - plants all three charges at the same place

/act - activates the chosen timers for the charges (/cmmd4)

Engineer's Commands

/mine - places a mine which will explode if anyone steps on it (/cmmd1)

/build - builds a Stationary Gun (/cmmd2)

/get - retrievs an SG, so that you can build it elsewhere (/cmmd3)

/fix – rebuilds an SG, in case a Soldat bug would make it float around in the air (/cmmd4)

Elite's Commands

Elite snipers can't use any commands.

Long Range Infantry Commands

/mre - restores 50% of full health (/cmmd1-4)

Short Range Infantry Commands

/mre - restores 50% of full health (/cmmd1-4)

Artillery's Commands

/nade - drops a grenade kit near you (/cmmd1-2)

/mark - places mortar's mark on the map (/cmmd3)

/mortar - fire up mortar (/cmmd4)

Radioman's Commands

/tap - taps into enemy team chat (/cmmd2)

/supply - shows a list of supplies you can order

/strike - shows a list of available airstrikes


/vestgen - delivers a bulletproof vest to your general, if he's in your bunker (/cmmd1)

/vest - delivers a bulletproof vest to your bunker

/para - delivers an additional player to your team, in the shape of a vested bot (/cmmd3)

/kit - delivers a medikit to your bunker (/medi works too)

/law - delivers 5 LAW's to your bunker

/cluster - delivers a cluster grenade kit to your bunker

/hac - delivers a modified grenade launcher to your bunker (looks like a minigun)

/grenade - delivers a grenadekit to your bunker


/airco - the only strike which is used for advancing, it quickly clears all the area between bunkers

/barrage - a long lasting and much used strike, hard to predict but you can get through if lucky (/cmmd4)

/enemy - bombs the roof of the enemy bunker

/zeppelin - it could be described as a very slow airco, with small breaks where the bombs don't fall

/nuke - sends down one bomb, which clusters and multiplies to a huge explosion

/cluststr - similar effect to nuke, but not often used

/napalm - another less used strike

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