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Capture The Flag (often abbreviated: CTF) is one of the seven default main game-modes in which there are two teams: Alpha & Bravo. The goal is for each team to steal the enemy's flag and bring it to your own flag. The winner of each map is determined either by reaching Capture Limit (the amount of caps needed to finish a match before the time limit ends), or by having the most caps by the end of the round. There are 32 default CTF maps available in Soldat and hundreds of custom maps.

Important Terms

  • Capture Limit - How many flag-captures (often abbreviated: caps) are required for a team to win the round (a map). Default is 10.
  • Time limit - In case the Capture Limit is not reached, the round will end upon the set Time Limit.
  • Re-spawn - players re-spawn after every death of their's (unless Survival mode is turned on).


  • Gain map experience: It's possible to test the maps offline in singleplayer mode, in order to explore map details and gain basic map knowledge.

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