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Realistic (often abbreviated "R" or "R-mode") is a sub game mode that makes the game have more realistic characteristics to it. It may be combined with the other game modes, e.g. for R/S/A mode, or it can be active by itself.

This mode emphasizes the need for proper tactics more strongly than the standard game mode, sometimes regarded as requiring more skill.


  • Players have lower amount of health.
  • Players sustain damage from large falls or when they hit the ground at high speeds.
  • Players won't be able to see someone, that's behind a well.
  • Weapons have recoil, hence the cross-hair slowly moves upwards with each successive shot (single shots or bursts are the way to go)
  • There aren't any special bonuses additions.


/Realistic 0 / 1 - Toggles Realistic mode off / on

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