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Soldat PolyWorks Icon
Soldat PolyWorks is a map editor for Soldat programmed by Anna Zajaczkowski. The latest version (v1.5.0.13) was programmed by Jacob Lindberg (Fryer).

The program's design is based on Soldat Style by VirtualTT.


Soldat PolyWorks Manual


  • Q: The Palette/Scenery/Display window doesn't show, and it's checked off in the Window Menu.
  • A: Try Window -> Workspace -> Reset Window Locations.

  • Q: Can you customize the controls like in MapMaker?
  • A: No. You'll get used to it.

  • Q: How do I put multiple textures in my map?
  • A: Put two or more textures into a bitmap and use the texture tool to manipulate the texture coordinates.

  • Q: I get this error when I try to run PolyWorks: System Error &H8007007E (-2147024770). The specified module could not be found. (Or any 'missing file' type errors).
  • A: Make sure these files exist in your Windows\System32 folder: MBMouse.ocx, COMDLG32.OCX, mscomctl.ocx, msvbvm60.dll, dx8vb.dll, scrrun.dll. The first three are included in the PolyWorks zip, the others can be found in google. If putting them in the Windows\System32 folder doesn't work try registering the missing files: start -> run, type in regsvr32 name_of_file.dll_or_ocx.

  • Q: I get a runtime error when I start PolyWorks.
  • A: Try changing the Dir entry in the Preferences section in polyworks.ini to your Soldat directory.

  • Q: Are there poly bugs in maps made with PolyWorks?
  • A: In PolyWorks the "bouncy poly" bug has been eliminated (where polys would randomly turn bouncy along the edge after compiling). Poly bugs associated with vertices still occur, but they are easy to prevent with correct poly placement. Read the PolyWorks Map Maker Manual for more info.

  • Q: I get a Direct3D initialization error when I start PolyWorks.
  • A: Make sure your color setting is either 16-bit or 32-bit (control panel -> display -> settings tab).

  • Q: There is no scenery in my scenery window!
  • A: Right click with the scenery tool to bring up the main scenery list.

Change Log

Soldat PolyWorks Versions Change Log


  • Programmed by Anna Zajaczkowski in Visual Basic 6
  • Updated version by Jacob Lindberg (Fryer)
  • Original PolyWorks concept and ideas by Michal Zajaczkowski
  • Graphics by Michal Zajaczkowski and Anna Zajaczkowski, based on Soldat style
  • New icon by VirtualTT
  • Thanks to everyone at #Soldat.PolyWorks (@Qnet)
  • Thanks to Michal Marcinkowski for releasing the Map Maker source (and for making Soldat)