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The weapons modification (often named Weapon Mod and abbreviated WM) of Soldat is done by editing the weapons.ini and weapons_realistic.ini (for Realistic mode). Both of these files are available in your Soldat installation folder.

These documents consist of 16 values for each one of the weapons (besides cluster grenades which is nested within frag grenades).


  • Some settings for non-standard weapons won't work for example: reload time on stationary gun or grenade for obvious reasons
  • Soldat uses ticks for measuring time. 60 ticks = 1 second
  • e.g. 90 ticks = 1.5 second, 10 ticks = 0.16666667 second
  • FireInterval, ReloadTime, Bink and StartUpTime are measured in ticks

Damage Calculation

The Damage value does NOT represent the actual damage dealt by a bullet. The formula for calculating the final damage dealt by a bullet is the result of:

  [Damage] * [CurrentSpeed] * [HitboxModifier]

Note that your personal speed may inherit speed to the bullet.

  CurrentSpeed = Speed + PlayerSpeed * Inherited Velocity

WM Values

  • Damage = Initial amount of damage
  • FireInterval - The rate of fire is measured in ticks. The lower the interval, the faster the weapon fires.
  • Ammo - Defines the size of a full clip.
  • ReloadTime - The reload time is measured in ticks. e.g. ReloadTime=360 will result in a 6 seconds reload period.
  • Speed - The speed is the initial base speed of a bullet. Speed affects damage and does also influence the 'self boost' amount for Spas-12 and XM214 Minigun.
A fired bullet is affected by the velocity of the player (YourSpeed). A fired bullet loses its speed over time, which will then also result in less damage.
  • BulletStyle - Type of bullet for the weapon (Example: changing the value BulletStyle=4 to BulletStyle=12 at the [M79] config, will result in LAW missiles being fired)
1 = Plain bullet
2 = Frag grenade
3 = Shotgun pellets
4 = M79 grenade
5 = Flame
6 = Punch
7 = Arrow
8 = Flame arrow
11 = Knife/Chainsaw
12 = LAW missile
13 = Knife
14 = M2 bullet
  • StartUpTime - Measured in ticks (e.g. StartUpTime=120 will result in 2 seconds of a delay). It is currently being used on the XM214 Minigun, Barret & LAW.
  • Bink - If the player is hit by a bullet, his aim is not accurate for this amount of time, the mouse cursor in-game will then enlarge as an indicator.
Negative values mean self-bink. The lower the number, the more inaccurate the weapon will get after firing.
  • MovementAcc - Defines how much the aim is getting affected by the players movement, the higher the value, the more you have to be still to aim properly. Using the jet results in the aim to be affected the most.
  • BulletSpread - Defines how tight or loose the bullets will group when standing still.
  • Recoil - Defines the amount that the cursor will fling up when fired.
  • Push - Defines the weight of a bullet, factors together with its velocity to push away the receiving player and objects (flags and kits) but NOT yourself (self boost).
  • InheritedVelocity - In percent how much velocity the bullet inherits from the player. This will result in higher / lower damage values, depending of the direction you move to and in which speed you move.
  • ModifierHead - Head hitbox modifier representing the head the amount of damage to multiply when head shots is detected.
  • ModifierChest - Chest hitbox modifier representing the head the amount of damage to multiply when head shots is detected.
  • ModifierLegs - Legs hitbox modifier representing the head the amount of damage to multiply when head shots is detected.