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Soldat Default Keys

Movement Keys

[A] - Run left
[D] - Run right
[W] - Jump
[S] - Crouch
[X] - Prone
[RMB] - Jet (fly)

Advanced Movement

Backflip - Jump backwards and press the Jet button
Late Backflip - If you are making a jump to the left/right side and keep W pressed, then you can make a backflip in air at any time. e.g [D+W] [W+A+Jet Button] - remember to keep the jump button active
Roll - [Directional + S] - Rolls in a particular direction. Can be performed while standing, or out of the prone position


[LMB] - Fire
[Tab] - Toggle weapons menu while waiting for re-spawn
[E] - Hold down or release after a while to throw grenade
[F] - Throwaway current weapon / Throw a knife (the more you hold, the further it throws)
[Q] - Change weapon to secondary
[R] - Reload weapon
[1] - Pick Primary Weapon: Desert Eagles
[2] - Pick Primary Weapon: HK-MP5
[3] - Pick Primary Weapon: AK-74
[4] - Pick Primary Weapon: Steyr-AUG
[5] - Pick Primary Weapon: Spas-12
[6] - Pick Primary Weapon: Ruger-77
[7] - Pick Primary Weapon: M79
[8] - Pick Primary Weapon: Barret M82A1
[9] - Pick Primary Weapon: FN Minimi
[0] - Pick Primary Weapon: XM214 MiniWeapon
[CTRL+1] - Pick Secondary Weapon: USSOCOM
[CTRL+2] - Pick Secondary Weapon: Combat Knife
[CTRL+3] - Pick Secondary Weapon: Chainsaw
[CTRL+4] - Pick Secondary Weapon: M72 LAW
[ALT + F2] - Toggle sniper line


Flagthrow - [W+S] (Hold jump key + Crouch key) - You can also bind a single key for this (recommended), but then you can’t change back to [W+S]
[T] - Chat
[Y] - Teamchat
[/] - Command console (Read also: In-game Commands)
[F1] - Scoreboard and players list
[F2] - Show weapon statistic for the current round / [ALT + F2] - show/hide sniper line
[F3] - Toggle minimap / [ALT + F3] - Show performance statistics (FPS, ping, network bandwidth)
[F4] - Take screenshot (saves it to Soldat\Screens)
[F5] - Toggle music
[F6] - Previous music track
[F7] - Next music track
[F8] - Record/stop demo / fast forward while playing demo
[F9] - Minimize game
[F10] - Pause game
[ALT] + A,B,C... or 1,2,3...0 keys - Chat Taunts or commands
[CTRL+ALT] + [+/-] - Increase mouse sensitivity 5% / Decrease mouse sensitivity 5%
[SHIFT] + [+/-] - Increase volume 10% / Decrease volume 10%
[Pg Up/Pg Down] - Scroll through Scoreboard nicknames (in case it's very long)
[ESC] - Toggle Game-Menu