In-game Commands

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In-game Commands

After pressing the [/] key (usually one button to the left of RSHIFT), you can enter one of the following commands:
Command Console

Player Commands

  • /KILL Harakiri.
  • /BRUTALKILL Very harakiri.
  • /MERCY Animated suicide.
  • /SMOKE Player lights or ends a cigar.
  • /TABAC Player chews some tobacco.
  • /TAKEOFF Player takes off his helmet.
  • /VICTORY Player cheers.
  • /PAUSE Pauses the game.
  • /UNPAUSE Unpauses the game.

Server Commands

  • /ADDMAP <MAP NAME> Add map to MapList
  • /DELMAP <MAP NAME> Remove map from MapList
  • /ADDBOT<TEAM ID> <BOTS NAME> Adds a new bot to the game.
  • /KICK players name or players number Removes a player/bot from the game.
  • /TEMPBAN <MINUTES> <IP> Bans IP number for certain amount of time.
  • /BAN players name or players number Bans the player on the server so he can't join in again.
  • /BANIP IP number Bans the IP number.
  • /UNBAN IP number Unbans the IP number.
  • /MAP map name Changes the map.
  • /RESTART Resets the current match.
  • /NEXTMAP Changes the map to the next one in the list.
  • /ADM players name Adds the player to the Remote Admins list.
  • /ADMIP IP number Adds the IP number to the Remote Admins list.
  • /UNADM IP number Removes the IP number from the Remote Admins list.
  • /KICKLAST Kicks the last player that entered the game.
  • /RESPAWNTIME seconds Changes the respawn time.
  • /MAXRESPAWNTIME seconds Changes the maximum respawn time in team games.
  • /LIMIT number Changes the current kill/point/capture limit.
  • /TIMELIMIT minutes Changes the current time limit.
  • /PASSWORD text Changes the game server password (temporarily).
  • /SETTEAMx player number Forces the player to join team x.
  • /ADDBOTx bots name Adds a bot to team x.
  • /FRIENDLYFIRE 0/1 Friendly fire on or off.
  • /VOTE% 0-100 Changes the percentage of players needed to vote something.
  • /BONUS 0-5 Frequency of bonuses 0-none, 5- lots.
  • /MAXPLAYERS 1-32 Maximum players allowed on server.
  • /LOADCON Reloads soldat.ini server settings.
  • /LOADLIST xxx Loads the mapslist from xxx.txt.
  • /LOADWEP xxx Reloads weapons.ini weapon settings or from file xxx.ini.
  • /GAMEMODE 0-6 Changes the gamemode (0 DM, 1 PM, 2 TM, 3 CTF, 4 RM, 5 INF, 6 HTF).
  • /REALISTIC 0/1 Switches realistic mode.
  • /ADVANCE 0/1 Switches advance mode.
  • /SURVIVAL 0/1 Switches survival mode.
  • /KILL players name or players number Kills/punishes the player.
  • /BANLAST Like /kicklast, bans for 1 hour the last player that joined.
  • /UNBANLAST Unbans the last player that was banned.
  • /LOBBY Reregisters the server in the lobby.
  • /SAY text Sends a text message to all players on the server.

Client-Server Commands

  • /ADMINLOG password Used to login as game server admin.
  • /INFO Retrieves useful information from the server.
  • /MUTE players name or players number Mutes the player so you don't see his chat.
  • /UNMUTE players name or players number Unmutes the player.
  • /RECORD name Records a demo stored in the Soldat\Demos folder.
  • /STOP Stops the recording of a demo.