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Scripting Manual

procedure ForceWeaponEx(ID, Primary, Secondary, Ammo, SecAmmo: Byte);

Parameter Info:
 ID (Byte): Player ID to change weapon.
 Primary (Byte): Weapon Number to set primary weapon to.
 Secondary (Byte): Weapon Number to set secondary weapon to.
 Ammo (Byte): Primary Ammo to give the player. 0 for default.
 SecAmmo (Byte): Secondary Ammo to give the player. 0 for default.

 This function will force the specified player(ID) to change their Primary and Secondary weapons and/or ammo.


    ForceWeaponEx(ID, 3, 0, 0, 1);
    // Forces ID to use AK as primary and a USSOCOM with 1 ammo as secondary.