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From the Scripting Manual

procedure WriteConsole(ID: Byte; Text: string; Colour: LongInt);

Parameter Info:
 ID (Byte): Player ID to write text to. Set to 0 to write to all players!
 Text (string): Text to be written to the console.
 Colour (LongInt): Colour the text should be when drawn to the console.

 This function will add text to the players(ID) console.
 Set ID to 0 to write the text to ALL Players in the server!


    WriteConsole(0, 'Pickled Onions are nice!', $EE81FAA1);
    // Will draw: "Pickled Onions are nice!" to ALL players consoles.
    // $EE81FAA1 is the colour, in AA RR GG BB format. (Alpha, Red, Green,Blue);

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