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Hey, my name is Maciek and I'm from Poland. Been playing Soldat for around 7 years now, discovering every single (sub-)gamemode

Gameplay History

I've been playing competitve CTF for about a year with no great success (the biggest one was winning a cw against F.O.S.T. :P), then I've been Climbing for about 2 years, along with freedom|rus (i believe) and few other Climbers I can't recall now, we created first (I believe) climbing clan. I must say we've been decent, but we lost interest in Climbing soon after. After that I started to play Knife Only and I'm doing so occasionally till this day. I higly recommend you try it, too, it requires a lot of skill, aim, tactics and good reaction times.

Today I'm more actively playing League of Legends than Soldat, but I'm still highly interested in scripting.
My LoL Nickname is Macmil @ EUNE server if you want to play together, currently rated Plat V (08:02, 26 August 2013 (EDT))


I've been scripting for a long time now. I've scripted, for example, CW System, Catch-Me GameMod, Knife Accuracy script and few others. One script that I find most interesting was a Flashbang script, which sadly doesn't work at newest Soldat version.

Still looking forward to creating a polished scripts with Script Core 3 features


  • PM @ Soldat Forums
  • E-mail:
  • Sometimes I'm sitting at #soldat.devs on Quakenet IRC



  • Map.Name
  • IsAdmin
  • OnTCPAdminCommand
  • OnAdminLogin ?

Known bugs

11:38, 9 September 2013 (EDT)

  • Map.Name not exported
  • Knife behaves differently in OnWeaponChange: when thrown, Primary and Secondary are weapons before the throw. If you throw any other weapon, they are weapons AFTER the throw.
  • Player.Alive := FALSE crashes the server (Bug #396)
  • Game.Teams[i].OnJoin is called only with Game.OnJoin (Bug #415)
  • StrToDate doesn't work as intended (Bug #401)
  • Game.Timeleft loops between 0 and 59, indicating seconds left, but ignoring minutes. (Bug #377)