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Teammatch or Team Deathmatch (often abbreviated: TDM) is one of the seven default main game-mode in which the sole purpose is for each team to kill as many players as possible from the other teams! There's a maximum of four teams to this game-mode: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta.

Each team's score is consisting of the sum of kills from all its players. In case Friendly Fire (FF) is on, points are not awarded for killing teammates.

Important Terms

  • Kill Limit - How many points are required for a player to win the match.
  • Points - 1 point per kill
  • Time limit - In case the Kill Limit is not reached, the round will end upon the set Time Limit.
  • Re-spawn - Players re-spawn after every death of their's (unless Survival mode is turned on).
  • Re-spawn Time - How long does it take for a player to re-spawn after each death. Default is 2 to 5 seconds.


  • Gain map experience: It's possible to test the maps offline in singleplayer mode, in order to explore map details and gain basic map knowledge.
  • Stick together: Sticking together makes it easier to assist teammates. Preferably not too nearby one another, to not be an easy target for multiple frag. Not too close or you're an easy target.
  • Higher positions: Usually gives a lot of advantage to a player. It is easier to gain map control and aim for head-shots.
  • Look around: Helping and covering your team-mates stay alive will increase the chances of winning the match. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

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