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Class used to hold information about bans.

This class is assigned to global variable "Game.BanLists"
user constructable: NO
user destructable: NO


Member declaration Access mode SS Version
procedure AddHWBan(HW, Reason: string; Duration: Integer); 2.7.9
procedure AddIPBan(IP: ShortString; Reason: string; Duration: Integer);
function DelHWBan(HW: string): Boolean;
function DelIPBan(IP: ShortString): Boolean;
function IsBannedHW(HW: string): Boolean;
function IsBannedIP(IP: ShortString): Boolean;
function GetHWBanId(HW: string): Integer;
function GetIPBanId(IP: ShortString): Integer;
property HW: array of TBannedHW R 2.7.9
property IP: array of TBannedIP R
property BannedHWCount: Integer R
property BannedIPCount: Integer R