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From the Scripting Manual

function SpawnObject(X, Y: single; ObjType: byte): integer;

Parameter Info:
 X (Single): X position that the object will spawn.
 Y (Single): Y position that the object will spawn.
 ObjType (Byte): ID of the object to be spawned. See below for details

 This function will spawn an object anywhere on the map; such as Medikits, Grenades, Weapons  (Dropped), and Bonuses.
 The integer returned is the object ID number, for use with KillObject.

ObjType List:
 1        Desert Eagle
 2        HK MP5
 3        AK 74
 4        Steyr AUG
 5        Spas 12
 6        Ruger77
 7        M79
 8        Barrett M82A1
 9        Minimi
 10       Minigun
 11       USSOCOM
 12       Combat Knife
 13       Chainsaw
 14       LAW
 15       Stationary Gun
 16       Medical Kit
 17       Grenade Kit
 18       Flamer Kit
 19       Vest Kit
 20       Predator Kit
 21       Berserk Kit
 22       Cluster Kit


    // Will spawn a Vest Kit right above Player 1

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