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This entry includes 2 movement tutorial:

The first one was written by Haste (Bistoufly). It is an in depth overview, divided to 3 main categories; Basic, Advanced & Misc. The original post can be found in this link.

The second one was written by Chutem (Mutilator.NZ) and the original post can be found in this link.

Prior Knowledge

It is crucial to be familiar with Default Controls (in case you haven't modified them).

Practice Maps

This .zip package contains the following:

ctf_jumptut, ctf_learntheflip, freetime12, kz_Climbtut


Haste's Movement Tutorial

Basic Techniques


Aborted Jump

CMT 1 - Aborted Jump.gif

Half Jump

CMT 2 - Half Jump.gif

The half jump is a variation of the jump command in which the jump is half the height.

Full Jump

CMT 3 - Full Jump.gif

Fake Jump

CMT 4 - Fake Jump.gif

The fake jump has the beginning animation of any regular jump, however the feet never leaves the ground.

Performed by first pressing the jump button, then pressing a directional button, and finally releasing both buttons when animation has completed.

Glide Jump

CMT 5 - Glide Jump.gif

Jump immediately after releasing a directional button.

Side Jump

CMT 6 - Side Jump (1).gif CMT 6 - Side Jump (2).gif

While holding a directional button, tap the jump button. By adding jets to your side jump you can reach higher and further. Depending on how long you hold the jump button, you'll reach different heights and distances.

Mini Side Jump

CMT 7 - Mini Side Jump.gif

Medium Side Jump

CMT 8 - Medium Side Jump.gif

High Side Jump

CMT 9 - High Side Jump.gif

Held Side Jump

CMT 10 - Held Side Jump.gif

Performed by holding the jump button for the entire duration of the side jump.

We'll see later how this can be used to perform certain moves, such as the late backflip and the late cannonball.

Kick Jumping

CMT 11 - Kick Jumping.gif

Hold a directional button, and tap the jump button (default: [W]) every time you touch the ground. Tapping the jump button at the right time allows you to build momentum. For a given slope, there will be a certain tapping rhythm that you must judge,

but your judgment will become intuitive with practice. In general, the steeper the slope is, the faster your tapping rhythm will be. The flatter the slope is, the more time there should relatively be between each tap.

Flat Slope

CMT 12 - Flat Slope.gif

Steep Slope

CMT 13 - Steep Slope.gif

Normal Kick Jumps

CMT 14 - Normal Kick Jumps.gif

Mini Kick Jumps

CMT 15 - Mini Kick Jumps.gif

As a variation to the side jump, the backjump, which is a side jump itself, counteracts existing momentum (by jumping in the opposite direction, hence the name) to momentarily levitate the player's model off the ground.

The height of elevation is determined by the angle of the slope on which the backjump is performed, as well as the initial speed with which the player is moving.

CMT 17 - Back Jump + Series of Kick Jumps (1).gif

The Backjump can also be performed after a series of kick jumps.

CMT 17 - Back Jump and Series of Kick Jumps (1).gif CMT 18 - Back Jump and Series of Kick Jumps (2).gif

Half Side Jump

CMT 19 - Half Side Jump.gif

In tight tunnels, you can use the ceiling as a means to shorten the height and hence trajectory of your jumps: as a result of shorter jumps, you will accelerate faster in these tight tunnels.

CMT 20 - Tight Tunnel Jump.gif



Pressing the crouch button during horizontal movement allows a player to roll, making him/her momentarily faster than walking speed.

Adding a little jet at the end of rolls is generally beneficial, as the rolls can sometimes abruptly halt your momentum.

CMT 21 - Roll.gif

Jet Roll

The jet roll is a very useful roll that has several functions.

To perform: During the player's model (gostek) rolling animation, press or hold jet.

This helps your player's model avoid getting stuck to the ground and may also help with getting to different places in a short and precise manner.

CMT 22 - Jet Roll (2).gif CMT 22 - Jet Roll (2).gif

Glide Roll

How to do (facing right): Upon the immediate release of the [A] button (moving left), roll towards the right.

This is useful for cutting corners very quickly. The glide roll is best utilized in confined or tight areas or near edges.

Note: Can be done facing both directions, and no cursor crossing should occur

Forward Glide Roll

CMT 23 - Forward Glide Roll.gif

Backward Glide Roll

CMT 24 - Backward Glide Roll.gif

Inverse Roll

Performed by switching the cursor to the opposite side of your player's model during a roll.

The movement of the cursor across the player's model is called cursor crossing.

For efficiency purposes, cursor crossing should occur earlier in the roll when nearer to an edge, and visa versa.

These rolls are great to cut corners in tightly packed spaces, like in the top-right tunnels of ctf_Kampf.

CMT 25 - Inverse Roll (1).gif CMT 26 - Inverse Roll (2).gif

Hard Roll

Hard Rolling is when your momentum is taking you one way but you come to a very abrupt halt, allowing you to roll in the other direction. To perform, first press and hold the crouch button, then press a directional button, and then click the jet button.

Normally, your momentum would cause you to slide along the ground while rolling; however, with hard rolling...

This looks wrong:

CMT 27 - Hard Roll (Wrong).gif

And this looks right:

CMT 28 - Hard Roll (Correct 1).gif CMT 29 - Hard Roll (Correct 2).gif

Incline Roll

Incline rolling is when you perform a roll into a very steep, inclined surface.

This has proven to give your player a burst of speed up the surface, especially if chained together with a backflip. If you are going to chain an incline roll with a backflip, make sure to perform the incline roll first because it is the move that puts a halt to all the gravitational momentum applied on the player, no matter how great the momentum is or the type of surface on which your player model lands.

CMT 30 - Incline Roll (1).gif CMT 31 - Incline Roll (2).gif

Note: The timing will be harder without jets and also on steep, icy surfaces.



While facing backward (relative to your Side Jump direction) and holding the jump button mid-air during the jump, click the jet button.

Important: Do not release the jump button before the jet button has been clicked...

Holding jet during the backflip will increase the upward momentum.

By timing the release of the jump button relative to the click of the jet button, you can vary the height of your backflip.

CMT 32 - Low Backflip (1).gif CMT 33 - Medium Backflip (2).gif CMT 33 - High Backflip (3).gif

If you need extra height, you can start your backflip with a backjump.

CMT 34 - Backjump + Backflip.gif

You can chain several backflips on a slope.

CMT 35 - Slope Backflips Chain.gif

Reverse Backflip

To perform a reverse backflip: begin by kick jumping in one direction,

then switching directional buttons with your different fingers while mid-air.

And, finally, clicking the jet button to initiate the backflip.

Remember: you must be facing backward for a backflip to perform, but because the backflip direction is reversed (relative to the kick jump) face forward (relative to the kickjump) for this technique.

CMT 36 - Reverse Backflip.gif

Late (Delayed) Backflip

A late backflip is performed the same way as a regular backflip, however the pressing of the jet button is delayed as you please. Try experimenting!

Late Backflip

CMT 37 - Late Backflip.gif

Late Reverse Backflip

CMT 38 - Late Reverse Backflip.gif

Inverse Backflip

To perform an inverse backflip, begin the jump by facing forward.

Proceed with a cursor cross then follow up with pressing the opposite directional button.

Now all that's left is to jet.

CMT 39 - Inverse Backflip.gif

By combining these techniques you can get some pretty interesting trajectories.

For example, this is a back-jumped late reverse backflip which happens to be inversed as well.

CMT 40 - Backjump Reverse Backflip.gif

Crossing with the mouse

By changing the direction you face during the animation of the backflip, you can fine tune your trajectory.

This can be done one or several times.

CMT 41 - Crossing with the mouse (1).gif CMT 42 - Crossing with the mouse (2).gif

Spin Backflip

You can backflip against a curve to build up horizontal momentum.

CMT 43 - Spin Backflip (1).gif CMT 44 - Spin Backflip (2).gif CMT 45 - Spin Backflip (3).gif

Wall Backflip

By backflipping against a vertical wall, you will get more vertical momentum.

CMT 43 - Wall Backflip.gif

Mini Flip

A mini-flip develops like a backflip; however, the jet button is pressed at the very beginning of the jump animation.

As a result, no initial momentum is given to the flip, which keeps the player's model much closer to the ground.

Note: There is an alternative way to mini-flip that does not involve pressing jet, however it is much more difficult.

To perform it, while holding the direction button and facing backwards, crouch then jump immediately after.

CMT 46 - Miniflip (1).gif

Mini-flipping is one of the fastest ways to get onto a platform that is slightly higher than you, as you can see.

CMT 47 - Miniflip (2).gif CMT 48 - Miniflip (3).gif

Micro Flip

Using the no jet mini-flip technique, you can adjust the timing of the jump relative to the roll to produce a whole range of smaller flips.

CMT 49 - Microflip.gif

Advanced Techniques



Cannonball is one of the fastest horizontal motions in Soldat.

The cannonball is a derivation of the backflip, and it uses the same basic button sequence, with exception to W and jet.

The best way to understand the mechanics of the relationship between backflips and cannonballs is by imagining your player's model in a slingshot. Think of the [W] button as the trigger: by holding [W], you keep the sling tense, whereas releasing [W] lets go of the sling. Because all flips are initiated by the jet button, consider the jet button to be the firepower of the slingshot. With this in mind, you can begin to visualize how the ignition of firepower immediately after the release of the sling [W] would produce a strong accelerating force. In short, the timing of the jet button, in relation to the release of W, determines the angle and velocity of the cannon.

If performed correctly, your player will accelerate in the given direction during the flipping animation.

Chaining multiple successful cannonballs can maximize speed.

Real Cannonball

CMT 50 - Real Cannonball.gif

Fake Cannonball

CMT 51 - Fake Cannoball.gif

Inverse Cannonball

CMT 52 - Inverse Cannonball.gif

Regular Cannonball

CMT 53 - Regular Cannonball.gif

Due to the way collision works in Soldat, jumping upon landing facing forward is faster than facing backwards:

It's a small difference of momentum (~5% increase on average).

Taking advantage of this in the context of cannonballing is called inverse cannonballing.

Notice how the cursor is in front immediately before and after the landing.

Reverse Cannonball

The same method is applied to the reverse cannon as to the reverse backflip.

It is a useful move to cut corners in a very sharp and precise manner.

It can substitute for the glide roll in the case where there is more open space.

Make sure the flipping animation is done before cursor crossing into the next motion.

CMT 54 - Reverse Cannonball (1).gif CMT 55 - Reverse Cannonball (2).gif

Delayed Cornergrab Cannonball

The button sequence to perform this move is identical to that of a regular or reverse cannonball (depending on the direction you face); however, its use and application is entirely different. The Backjump first slows down your player's momentum, and then the cannonball reverses the momentum by accelerating the player in the opposite direction. This is a good move for switching routes.

CMT 56 - Delayed Corenrgrab Cannoball (1).gif CMT 56 - Delayed Corenrgrab Cannoball (2).gif

Backjump Cannonball

This move has the same use as the mini-flip. To perform, simply do a backjump followed by a cannonball.

The backjump cannon keeps you closer to the ground than a mini-flip.

CMT 57 - Backjump Cannonball.gif

Semi Cannonball

The semi-cannonball is performed by intentionally letting the release of the W button drag in relation to the jet button. Depending on the timing you can fine tune the height of the semi-cannonball. Judging the desired angle beforehand helps the mind approximate timing. With practice, you can develop a sense of familiarity for certain angles and increase your success rate.

CMT 58 - Semi Cannonball (1).gif CMT 59 - Semi Cannonball (2).gif

Semi-cannonballing should be used when there is a platform that is too high to cannonball on to and would consume too much time to backflip on to or when achieving a specific angle of acceleration.

Too high for a Cannonball

CMT 60 - Cannonball (Wrong).gif

Too low for a Backflip

CMT 61 - Backflip (Wrong).gif

Correct way

CMT 62 - Cannonball+Backflip (Correct).gif

Reverse Semi Cannonball

In the same fashion as cannonballs, semi-cannonballs can be reversed as well.

CMT 63 - Reverse Semi Canonnball.gif



Ahh... Finally we get to the prone cancel, the move that ties every movement in Soldat together.

What prone-cancel does is it reduces the time it takes for your player to get out of prone.

Literally, you are cancelling out of prone instantly, which allows you to skip the time-wasting animation of standing up.


CMT 64 - Unproning.gif


CMT 65 - Prone Cancel.gif

Punching/Stabbing Prone-Cancel

[[File:CMT 66 - Punch_Stab Prone Cancel.gif]

Nade Prone-Cancel

CMT 67 - Nade Prone Cancel.gif

Forward Prone-Cancel

CMT 68 - Forward Prone Cancel.gif

The least commonly used pc out of these three in the context of running is the forward prone-cancel, it is harder to get consistant and you won't get it as instant and fast as the other style of prone cancels.

Yet the forward prone-cancel is very useful when in combat as it allows you to keep your mouse steady while performing it. It is therefore especially beneficial with automatic weapons and for dodging while in air.

While you can prone-cancel using punch or stab, if you're using a weapon, the recommended method is to nade cancel.

Inverse Prone-Cancel

Inverse prone cancel is performed by bringing the mouse forward immediately after the prone cancel and before the next jump.

It is the same idea as the inverse cannonball. Taking advantage of soldat collision pohysics for a small increase in momentum due to jumping from a landing facing forward rather than facing backward.

CMT 69 - Inverse Prone Cancel (1).gif CMT 69 - Inverse Prone Cancel (2).gif

Backward Superman

It is sometimes beneficial to use the superman as a means of slowing down.

CMT 69 - Backward Superman.gif

Cannonball Chain w/ Superman

Combining the two fastest movements in the game results in the fastest combination in the game.

Once again, best used when cannonballing off a ramp into a superman prone cancel.

CMT 70 - Cannonball Superman Chain (1).gif CMT 71 - Cannonball Superman Chain (2).gif CMT 72 - Cannonball Superman Chain (3).gif

Prone Gliding

Prone gliding is a movement that lets your player slide around on the ground in prone position using jet.

Prone gliding is triggered by holding nade or switch weapon button, left or right button, and prone button at the same time while jetting. An alternative method is to hold the jet, punch, and prone buttons all together.

If you tap the switch weapon button or nade button repeatedly while doing this, you may go faster depending on the rhythm.

CMT 73 - Prone Gliding (1).gif

CMT 74 - Prone Gliding.gif

(Tapping [E] button)

Ice Slides

Slide Jump

CMT 75 - Slide Jump.gif

Slide Glide Jump

CMT 76 - Slide Glide Jump.gif

Slide Backflip

CMT 77 - Slide Backflip.gif

Slide Late Backflip

CMT 78 - Slide Late Backflip.gif

Slide Late Reverse Backflip

CMT 79 - Slide Late Reverse Backflip.gif

Slide Cannon Ball

CMT 80 - Slide Cannonball.gif

Slide Superman

CMT 81 - Slide Superman.gif

Slide Roll

CMT 82 - Slide Roll.gif

Spas Boosting

Spas Boost (General)

The spas boost is a great way to speed up your player's model while running. Each shot from a spas boosts your player's model and adds momentum going to the opposite direction of which the shot was fired.

Spas Boost Cannon Ball

CMT 83 - Spasboost Cannonball (1).gif CMT 84 - Spasboost Cannonball (2).gif

Spas Boost Surfing

CMT 85 - Spasboost Surfing.gif

Spas Boost Combination

CMT 85 - Spasboost Combination.gif


Poly Catching

Poly catching is when you catch (with a kickjump) the corners of polies with enough momentum to jump off of the corner to increase your player's velocity as well as speed.

Extremely hard to master but one of the most helpful techniques in Soldat.

CMT 86 - Polycatching (1).gif CMT 87 - Polycatching (2).gif

It's also possible to catch corner polies on the way down with a roll or cannonball.

CMT 88 - Polycatching With Roll.gif CMT 89 - Polycatching With Cannonball.gif

You can get a poly boost by barely hitting the corner of a poly (skimming past it) This generally works better with obtuse polies along a flat horizontal plane.

CMT 90 - Polyboost (1).gif CMT 90 - Polyboost (2).gif

You can grab many poly corners. Be creative!

CMT 91 - Multiple Polycatches (1).gif CMT 92 - Multiple Polycatches (2).gif

Wall Climbing

Some walls can be grabbed as well.

CMT 93 - Wall Climbing (1).gif CMT 94 - Wall Climibing (2).gif CMT 95 - Wall Climibing (3).gif


Parachutes automatically activate in maps where the spawn point is well above the ground. Parachutes cannot be summoned. Parachute movement is controlled left and right with left and right movement buttons. Remember you are still falling while wearing a parachute, and you can disengage parachute at any time by pressing the jet button.

CMT 96 - Parachute (1).gif CMT 97 - Parachute (2).gif

Instant Prone

Performed by taping the nade button before the prone animation ends. Requires you to be in contact with the ground.

CMT 98 - Instant Prone.gif

Regular Prone

CMT 99 - Regular Prone.gif

Mutilator.NZ Movement Tutorial

This is a guide so that you can learn the tricks that I use to my advantage, not just in climbing or Hide and Seek, but in regular CTF, DM, INF, whatever game-mode. I think that at least 90% of people that read this guide will take something useful away with them. This guide shares some advanced movement tricks that took me a long time to find, but I will also give a description of jumps such as the backflip, kickjump, reverse backflip and late backflip.


You will use this whenever you want to go up a hill fast.

What you want to do is run up the hill, while (mashing) the jump button. I say (mashing) because there is an optimal rhythm, you do not want to tap it too fast, you will have to practice to find the best time to spend with jump depressed and jump undepressed (better word?), but do not go counting, even if you can count tenths of a second, just practice and you should get a feel for it over time. At the top of the hill press and hold jump without a direction.

1 - Kickjump (1).gif

You can also keep pressing the direction button and press jump to jump to the side.

2 - Kickjump (2).gif

Of course there are more things to do at the climax of a kickjump, but will get to that later.


Basic Backflip

The easiest backflip.

Gets a bit more height than regular jump [W], and is also good for jumping to the side and up.

First you want to look in the opposite direction to where you are moving, then while holding a direction button, also press and hold jump [W], and then right click. After right clicking you will want to let go of jump so you can control your direction.

3 - Basic Backflip (1).gif

You can perform a basic backflip at the top of a kickjump for better height and distance.

4 - Basic Backflip (2).gif

Reverse Backflip

Useful for changing direction in certain situations.

The reverse backflip is similar to the basic backflip.

This time you start facing the same direction you are going, while holding a direction button, press jump, then quickly change the direction button and right click. All this time you must HOLD the jump button, which is button to most backflips as you will learn.

5 - Reverse Backflip (1).gif

You can also perform this jump at the top of a kickjump, if you want to go straight up.

6 - Reverse Backflip (2).gif

Late Backflip

Can be used to get into narrow tunnels in a vertical wall, although there are not many maps with this, as it is usually a hassle to move through. I decided to include this jump because you might just find a use for it.

7 - Late Backflip.gif

This jump is almost exactly the same as a regular backflip.

While holding a direction button, press and hold jump, but do not right click until you are ready to flip, also make sure you do not release [W] or the direction button, or it will not work.

[[8 - Late Backflip Direction Change.gif

You would really only ever use a late backflip at the top of a kickjump in climbing.

Notes regarding backflips

* You must always start a backflip with the direction and jump button combo.
* You must hold jump between the initial jump and right clicking.
* When you want to flip you must be holding a directional button, and facing the opposite direction as the directional button, regardless of which way you are actually moving. Click to flip.
* This means it doesn't matter which way you are facing until you actually right click.
* Also you can change which way you are facing during the flip (when you curl up) for some interesting, but generally useless tricks.


Superman allows you to get good lateral movement in mid air, it is better than standing and holding a direction button.

Superman is very easy, just lie down and start jetting, if your jets run out in mid air, you want to stand up and hold a direction button, as it is better than letting your jets load and then jetting again.

9 - Superman (1).gif

Superman can be effective after a kickjump, but not if you do a regular jump, or any backflip that I have discussed so far. This means doing a jump to the side and supermanning is the best.

10 - Superman (2).gif


The cannonball is the best single jump that will get you moving fast, quickly. It can also be a pain to learn and master, and also describe. But if you are to learn anything, this would be the best thing to learn.

FUN FACT: Some people call the cannonball simply cball, for ease of typing.

To cannonball you first must press a movement button and look in the opposite direction, next you must tap jump and straight after tapping jump, you must right click. Be careful to not overlap the tapping of jump and the click. You should get this:

The cannonball is very good for moving fast over relatively flat areas, by stringing them together.

11 - Cannonball (1).gif 12 - Cannoball (2).gif

The cannonball is also very good to use at the climax of a kickjump.

13 - Cannoball (3).gif

Because the cannonball is very fast and flat, you can superman after a cannonball, and for maximum effect do a kickjump before the cannonball.

A chain that ties it all together

At this point, seasoned players may be feeling smug that they have known everything up to this point, but they may seldom use the superman, because of this:

14 - Cannoball + Superman.gif

Most of you may know that if you are lying down and look in the opposite direction to where you are facing you stand up. If you punch (no weapon), stab (knife), or hold change weapon (anything) while doing this, it leads to something interesting.

16 - Superman Punch Stab Q Prone Cancel.gif

This can be used in conjunction with supermanning for impressive results, you can superman to within a pixel of the ground, use this trick and lose no speed at all.

17 - Cannonball Superman.gif

You can cannonball and superman anywhere! (It will require practice).

18 - Cannonball Everywhere.gif

This is very effective. Using this trick you can catch up to an EFC, or outrun enemies in many situations.


Hold change weapon and prone [X] while supermanning to slide over normal polies as if they were ice. It can be useful, for example if you are supermanning and about to hit the corner of a building, rather than standing up, just slide over it, easy!

19 - Weapon Change Cancel Prone (1).gif

Or you can slide into the flag to cap, because it looks cool

20 - Weapon Change Cancel Prone (2).gif


Rolling can be used to change direction, similar to the reverse backflip, however, rolling will allow you to change direction and move down, where reverse backflip would change direction and move up.

If you are in the air, you want to be moving so you will hit about a gostek width before the edge, just before you hit switch direction buttons and then once you hit the edge, tap crouch. The direction you face isn't important, as long as you stay facing one way through the whole thing, if you change the way you face during the roll, it will make you be pushed away from the edge.

21 - Roll (1).gif

You can still do the roll in confined areas where it isn't best to be in the air.

22 - Roll (2).gif

If you do a regular forward roll as you hit the corner of a polygon, you can be polybugged (launched). This doesn't happen all the time, but even if it doesn't bug, there isn't much risk of you slowing to a halt, so I nearly always roll as I go over points.

23 - Pollyboost Roll.gif

Ice sliding

This is a very simple trick, simply lay down on ice and move. For some reason you move very fast when laying down on ice.


The bread and butter of all jumps (kickjump, backflips).

The best way to learn these jumps would be with some specially made climb maps. They have simple jumps which will let you apply what you learn, and also have descriptions of what to do right next to the jumps.

If you actually want to practice moving fast and fluid, I would definitely recommend playing Hide 'n Seek.

What you learn from this guide can be applied to nearly any type of Game mode of Soldat. Movement, in my opinion, can raise your general skill level, and I also believe is the part that makes Soldat what it is.