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From the Scripting Manual

procedure SetSpawnStat(ID: byte; Stat: string; Value: variant);

Parameter Info:
 ID (Byte): Spawn Point ID to get the stat of.
 Stat (String): See Description for more information.
 Value (Variant): Value to assign

 This function will set some information about the specified Spawn Point (ID).

Stat Result Type
Active Spawn active? Boolean // Set this to false and it wont get used by the Soldatserver
Style Type Byte // Style is either a team ID, or an object ID (greater than 4)
X Spawn X Single
Y Spawn Y Single


This is a list of Style types and their descriptions.

Style Description
0 Player Spawn
1 Alpha Team
2 Bravo Team
3 Charlie Team
4 Delta Team
5 Alpha Flag
6 Bravo Flag
7 Grenade Kit
8 Medikit
9 Cluster Grenades
10 Vest
11 Flamer
12 Beserker
13 Predator
14 Point Match Flag
15 Rambo Bow
16 Stationary Gun


var i: byte;
  for i := 1 to 254 do //NOTE: This spawn point array goes from 1 to 254, NOT 0 or 255.
    if GetSpawnStat(i,'active') = true then // Make sure this spawn point is used
      SetSpawnStat(i,'active',false); // Woops, now the server has no spawn points!

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