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Server.ini file was added in version 2.6.1, by EnEsCe. New settings can be found and adjusted in this file, such as enabling or disabling scripting, using health cooldown, etc. Like soldat.ini, you can edit this file with any plain editor such as Nano or Notepad.

For Dedicated Servers only

 TKWarnings_Before_TempBan=5 [!] Number of teamkills that needs to be done before a temporary ban is handed out. Only with PunishTK set to 1.
 PunishTK=0 [!] Enables/disables the built-in TK punish feature.
 EchoKills=1 [!] Echoes kills done to the admin console.
 BotBalanceTeams=0 [!] Whether or not bots should count as players in the team balance.
 HealthCooldown=0 [!] Amount of time (in seconds) a player needs to wait before s/he's able to pick up a second medikit. Use 0 to disable.
 TimestampConsole=0 [!] If the console should be timestamped or not.
 AutoRecord=1 [!] Disable/Enable auto recording demos. (Since 2.8.2)
 SlowTickWarning=30 [!]  Show performance warning when server a server tick takes too much time. (Since 2.8.2)
 SteamIDAsHWID=1 [!]  Overrides HWID of the player with his SteamID. (Since 2.8.2, Steam version)
 OldLogFilesFormat=0 [!] Uses the old filename format for log files. 0 for timestamped lognames, 1 for numeric auto-increasing filenames.
 NR-Service=0 [!] Enables/disables the Nickname Registration Service, by EnEsCe.
 NR-OnlyAllowRegistered=0 [!] Only allows nicknames registered with the NR Service.
 MaxAdminConnections=20 [!] Maximum number of admins connections that can be opened to the server.
 AntiMassFlag=1 [!] Anti-massflag cheat on/off
 Scripting=0 [!] Enables/disables Server scripting.
 BEBanTime=5 [!] The ban time for a BE violation, in minutes.
 OnScriptCrash=ignore [!] What action to take when a script crashes. Available parameters are recompile, shutdown, ignore and disable.

UDP Log forwarding

How it works: Server will send UDP packets in this format %PREFIX %TIME(yy/mm/dd hh:nn:ss) %LOGMSG \r\n every time a new log message occurs, this means 1 packet contains only 1 log entry. Be aware UDP packets can be lost in transit or come in wrong order.

 [Forwarder1] [!]  Section name needs to be unique and start with " Forwarder" 
 IP= [!]  IP address of the server that will receive logs
 Port=8000 [!]  Server Port
 Prefix=CTF1 [!]  Prefix that will be appended to logs