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Once you are logged in as admin, by connecting to the server's IP & port using any TCP/IP net tool (netcat, telnet, etc) you are allowed to send raw data. Once you are connected, you need to type the admin password set in the file soldat.ini. If you don't, or supply a wrong one you will be instantly disconnected. Besides sending 'real' commands, such as /timelimit or /restart, you can also send a couple of raw commands. Note that this isn't possible while in-game, even if you can perform other admin commands.

Raw commands

* SHUTDOWN\r\n [!] Shuts down the server properly (similar to SIGTERM(15)). 
* REFRESH\r\n [!] Asks for detailed info, which is returned packed.
* REFRESHX\r\n [!] Refresh-extended, with more data included.

Note: \r\n stands for the carriage-return / newline (ASCII 13 & 10) which is added when you press ENTER. If you're connected through netcat, you just type the command (case-sensitive).

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