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R is one of two unfinished games that MM worked on after Soldat was released and maturing, the other being Crimson Glory. He released it with its source code as a Christmas present to the Soldat/game development community on December 25th, 2006 (Poland time).

A Linux port has been created, though there are a few extra steps needed to have sound work. Part of this stems from the use of MP3+WAV as the formats for the audio in the original release. OGG files have now replaced the WAV+MP3 sounds, as SDL and FMOD both support the use of OGG. Though the files are named .wav in the distribution, they are in fact OGG files.

From Readme.txt:

R is a platform/puzzle/action/adventure game created from
Michal Marcinkowski's discussions with Dolny sometime in
2004 and 2005. The game is not finished and never will be.
There are whole sections of the game not done, missing graphics,
animations, sounds, maps and cutscenes. However the game is complete
in its design and is fully playable from beginning to end.
So don't worry about the missing maps, it'll just make you finish
the game faster and enjoy the magnificent ending.   
R is released as open source. You may do whatever you wish with it.
You can even develop the game and complete it. But just to warn you
the source code doesn't really take advantages of c++ language and
is a pain in the ass to work with. There is one favor you can do if
you have programming skills. Compile the game for linux and other
systems. The engine should compile without problems as it is based
on SDL and FMod. When you do that please e-mail the executables to:
If by any chance you would like to continue the project or make
a completely new game based on it, there are thousands of ideas
waiting   that didn't make it into the game. Please contact Dolny
if you're interested: maciejgie<>googlemail.com.

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