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Server Ports

Ports and protocols used by the server are as following, main port being the one specified under Port= in Soldat.ini (default is 23073).

  • TCP and UDP on the main port (UDP Gameserver, TCP Admin thread. Eg. 23073 UDP TCP)
  • TCP on the main port + 10 (TCP Map/Sceneries/etc sharing thread. Eg. 23083)

If the ping of your server is displaying as 9999 in the lobby list, or if other players are unable to join, then you probably haven't forwarded your ports correctly in your router/modem.
Follow this link to learn how to forward the ports.

Client Ports

Ports and Protocols used by the client are as follow:

  • UDP on 23073 (Game)
  • TCP on 23083 (File downloading)