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Pointmatch (often abbreviated: PM) is one of the seven default main game-modes. It's very similar to Deathmatch, however there's a yellow flag in this game-mode. A player that holds the flag will be awarded with multiplied points (also for getting double/triple/multi kills/etc).

The player with the most points, wins the match! The amount of points collected can be checked with the [F1] button (Toggle scoreboard).

Important Terms

  • Point Limit - How many points are required for a player to win the match.
  • Points - 1 point per kill, 2 points per kill with the yellow flag
  • Time limit - In case the Point Limit is not reached, the round will end upon the set Time Limit.
  • Re-spawn - Players re-spawn after every death of their's (unless Survival mode is turned on).
  • Re-spawn Time - How long does it take for a player to re-spawn after each death. Default is 2 to 5 seconds.


  • Gain map experience: It's possible to test the maps offline in singleplayer mode, in order to explore map details and gain basic map knowledge.

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