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The soldat server uses a plain ASCII textfile to load the maps list file, by default mapslist.txt, located in the root folder of the server. There should be one map entry per line, delimited by "\r\n" (CRLF). The filenames are case sensitive and do not include the folder nor the extension (they do include the gamemode prefix though, if any). Custom maps are supported. If you want to load the maps list from another file when running a server, check out the command line arguments.

Example mapslist.txt for a CTF server


Editing map rotation on the fly

Having admin-powers on the server, it is possible, through admin commands, to add and delete maps from the server's rotation. This is achieved using the /addmap and /delmap commands. Note that you can only delete maps that were added with /addmap.

Known Issues

Having empty lines will cause map loading errors. Make sure there are none, especially after the last map. Entering maps that don't exist will cause errors as well and probably server crashes.