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From the Scripting Manual

function GetPlayerStat(ID: byte; Stat: string): variant;

Parameter Info:
 ID (Byte): Player ID to get the stat of.
 Stat (String): See Description for more information.

 This function will return some information about the specified player (ID).

Stat Result Type
Kills Player kills Integer
Deaths Player deaths Integer
Ping Player ping Integer
Team Player team Byte
Active Is in-game? Boolean
IP Player IP String
Port Player port Integer
Name Player name String
Alive Is player alive? Boolean
Health Player health Integer
Primary Primary weapon Byte
Secondary Secondary weapon Byte
Ammo Primary ammo Byte
SecAmmo Secondary ammo Byte
Jets Jet amount Integer
Grenades Grenade amount Byte
X Player X coordinate Single
Y Player Y coordinate Single
Flagger Player holding a flag? Boolean
Time Time in server (minutes) Integer
Ground Is player on ground Boolean
Human Is player human? Boolean
VelX X velocity Single
VelY Y velocity Single
Vest Vest amount Integer
Direction Player facing direction ('<' or '>') Char
Mute Is player muted? Byte
Flags Flag captures Byte
TagID Player's Portal TagID String
Registered Is player registered? Boolean
WepCount  ? (unique weapons player used on a map ?)  ? (unsigned integer of some sort)
HWID Player's Hardware ID String (contains alphanumeric chars)


    WriteLn('Player1''s health is '+inttostr(GetPlayerStat(1,'health')));
    WriteLn('Player1''s ping is '+inttostr(GetPlayerStat(1,'PiNg'))); //Case does not matter!
    WriteLn('Player1''s IP is '+GetPlayerStat(1,'ip'));

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