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From the Scripting Manual

function GetObjectStat(ID: byte; Stat: string): variant;

Parameter Info:
 ID (Byte): Object ID to get the stat of.
 Stat (String): See Description for more information.

 This function will return some information about the specified object (ID).

Stat Result Type
Style Type Byte
Active Object active? Boolean
X Object X Single
Y Object Y Single
Inbase If flag, in spawn? Boolean



type: byte

range: 1 to 130 (needs verified)

0 does not cause an exception, but seems unused

131 causes an exception

Object Styles

Here is a list of Object Styles that may be returned by GetObjectStat(ID, 'Style'):

Style Description
1 Alpha Flag
2 Bravo Flag
3 Point Match Flag
5 Desert Eagle
6 HK MP5
7 AK 74
8 Steyr AUG
9 Spas 12
10 Ruger77
11 M79
12 Barrett M82A1
13 Minimi
14 Minigun
15 Rambo Bow
16 Medical Kit
17 Grenade Kit
18 Flamer Kit
19 Predator Kit
20 Vest Kit
21 Beserk Kit
22 Cluster Kit
23 Parachute
24 Chainsaw
25 Combat Knife
26 LAW
27 Stationary Gun



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