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Relatively Major Edits

I don't know how talk pages work, so excuse me if I made a mistake here.

I'm thinking about making quite a few changes to various pages in the Server Scripting category, such as a See also section and categories for related variables and possibly functions, as well as adding missing documentation.

As for the extra categories, I'm thinking they shouldn't be linked to the larger ones, to prevent bloating them. An example one of these extra categories would be Player Count Variables, as there are several variables related player count and I think having a single location to easily see them all would be handy. We could link to these extra Categories in the see also section when necessary rather than bloat it by putting them all there.

I also think we need to use the Internal Link more often, such as I did with AppOnIdleTimer or what I just did there.

My goal in doing this is to help people make small scripts or update old ones more easily by connecting related pages.

We also need to remove all the broken external links to the old eC scripting manual.

I also think the From the Scripting Manual part should be changed, but I'll leave that to discussion. If you want to contact me, I advise you do so through the official Soldat Forums via PM. -Tehbugerz0r

I made these changes on a few pages already. I also added a Beta Server Scripting category. -Tehbugerz0r