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If bonuses are enabled in the game's Options or "soldat.ini", a player may obtain the following bonuses.

Medic Kit

Medic Kit Regenerates health to the maximum level.

Grenades Kit

Grenades Kit Grants the maximum amount of frag grenades one can carry (1-5).

Cluster Grenades Kit

Cluster Grenades Kit 3 grenades that release additional charges in a small radius and cause a chain of explosions upon its detonation.

Bulletproof Vest Kit

Bulletproof Vest Personal armor. Basically an addition of 100% health points.

Flame God Kit

Flame God Kit Grants Flamethrower weapon and immortality. Duration: 10 seconds.

Berserker Kit

Berserker Kit Massacre! Berserker makes your weapons four times stronger. Duration: 15 seconds.

Predator Kit

Preadator Kit Invisibility. Enemies can still hear sounds you make, and blood makes you more visible. Duration: 25 seconds.