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Discord's Logo

After many years the community has been using IRC (Internat Relay Chat) as the main program to gather communities, Discord came along with a modern and slick layout, perfect for gaming communities.

One can use Discord on many platforms (Win/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS & Web-browser). We highly recommend using the Desktop application for best user experience.

You can join and enjoy this community with the following link: Soldat's Official Discord Server Invite


Soldat's Official Discord Server was initially created by manofoneway circa early October 2016, joined shortly by nosejj in the early efforts. Within less than a year dozens of users have turned into hundreds. The big turn took place when Soldat Gather Services had decided to migrate to Discord. XvayS (SyavX) started working on a gather bot from scratch. And when gathers started, oldies started reappearing, as well as some new souls!

Reasons for the migration:

  • The opportunity to form one big community instead of many sub communities
  • Putting Soldat up to speed with the rest of the gaming world
  • Integration between text, voice & media - all in one app
  • It's entirely free and still allows many crucial functions like logging
  • Less configuration is required than in IRC
  • Will probably attract more new players than IRC


Unlike in the past when many communities were torn between private servers and forums, Soldat Discord aspires to create a communal hub, in which Soldat players of all sorts can be gathered to play, discuss and enjoy content related to Soldat. We currently have a few channels dedicated to sub-modes of Soldat: Realistic, Knife Only, Hide 'N' Seek, Climb, (Tactical) Trench Wars & OneShots. We hope to see all of them growing in the future!

The goal of the Discord server is to create an active, united, vibrant and refreshing Soldat community. As well as provide quality services such as gather and servers rental.

Soldat Gather on Discord

The majority of old-school players know Soldat Gather. As mentioned, Discord is the new home for it. The gathers are taking place at it's own channel: #gather.

Soldat Gather is a community on Discord, on which competitive matches are being organized. These matches are called gathers. Gathers are similar to what you might know from games such as CS:GO as 'matchmaking'.

The preferably played gamemode on our gather is 'Capture the Flag' but we do also provide the option to play all other major gamemodes. Six players are needed to start a default gather queue, as the match is played 3on3 in CTF.

Playing gathers actively, will rapidly turn you into a stronger player and you will have the chance to meet the best Soldat players and become a part of the competitive Soldat community.


Soldat's Official Discord Server Rules

  • Use common sense.
  • Respect everyone and don't be hateful. Keep in mind you're communicating with humans here.
  • Racism will not be tolerated. That goes for any of our channels and services.
  • Do not engage in confrontations. If you're getting flamed, simply contact the admin team and let them handle it.
  • Controversial topics such as politics are outside of the scope of #gather and gather matches.
  • Keep it family friendly. This means no NSFW (not safe for work) content.
  • Don't spam. Avoid highlighting users excessively for no reason.
  • Use respective channels. Please communicate in the appropriate channels in order to keep the server nice and tidy.
  • No illegal or harmful content. This includes warez and malicious links.
  • English only. Messages in other languages may be removed and temporary mutes may be given.