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script name: cube, or ctf/inf ultimate balancer
original author: fri
core version: 2.7.6

Unlike most balancers you've seen, cube balances teams based on the difference in number of players AND team scores.
Regular balancers check whether the difference in number of players is greater than 2, and moves a random player to the opposite team if it is. cube doesn't stop at such a plain check - this is where team scores, swaps and player choosing methods go into play.
Features list
- works with CTF and Infiltration gamemodes
- uses seven methods of choosing the player to be moved, including "least caps", "worst k/d ratio", and more
- avoids flag carriers not to ruin the game
- automatically puts new players into weaker team
- gives some "immunity time" to moved players, so they won't be moved again too soon
- disables itself in the last 10 seconds of a map (to avoid "wrong map version" problems)
- supports some well-known triggers such as !alpha, !spec (+aliases), and, of course, !balance (!bal, teams, ...)
- "team-changing" triggers can be disabled or limited to X uses per player per map
- locks the recenly moved players in their new teams, so they won't fight the system and go back
- in case of a big unbalance, admins can shuffle the teams using one simple command (/mix)
- admins can swap the teams of two or all players at once
- you can exclude some people from the balance by putting their nicknames or HWIDs on the exclusion list
- can keep teams' scores even if all players left (optional)
- (dev) the code is commented and thus fairly easy to understand
Commands list
all players
!balance, teams - trigger balance
/bal - trigger balance without disclosing who triggered it
!alpha, !1 - go to alpha team
!bravo, !2 - go to bravo team
!spec, !5 - go to spectator team
!join, !j - join weaker team (spec only)
(plus a few aliases of all these triggers/commands)
additional commands (admins only)
/swap ID1 ID2 - swap teams of specified players
/swap all - swap everyone
/mix or /shuffle - shuffle teams
/hwid ID - show hardware ID of specified player
/exclude ID - exclude specified player from balancing
/kickbots, /kickspec - kick all bots / spectators
/cubeinfo - shows current info about version, balances, config, etc.

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