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The Soldat network Anti-Cheat Protection is based on two modules.

Software company's developing multiplayer games spend millions of dollars, hundreds of hours, the work of thousands of people are wasted to invent the perfect anti-cheat systems. All those systems are as good as nothing because they forgot about one tiny little thing. The author of Soldat got the idea after 4 seconds of thinking. Now Sierra and other On-Line industry giants can't stand it that they didn't think of it first. The first Anti-Cheat Protection module in Soldat is simply a request: "Please don't cheat while playing Soldat".

If that somehow doesn't work then please read this:

Because of the Anti-Cheat protection system used in Soldat you cannot use any hack tools like: memory finders, trainers, packet editors, hex editors and sisassemblers while Soldat is running. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to CLOSE all programs running in the background while Soldat is on. The use of hack tools will degrade the game to a level it will no longer be playable. Also editing the executable or other related files and cracking the shareware protection will cause system instability and problems with network play. If this happens to you and you are sure you did not do anything illegal please contact the author.

Please remember that this is a small shareware game made by one man. If you try to break the game protection you make harm to yourself because I can stop making the game if I'm without money and with overload of work making new anti-hack and anti-cheat systems all the time. If you want to hack something please concentrate on big company's like EA Games. Hacking a big commercial title will prove that you are good, please leave Soldat alone.